Kolob Ranch & Kolob Ranch Estates are located between Cedar City, home of the renowned, Tony Award Winning ‘Utah Shakespeare Festival’ www.bard.org  and the ‘outdoor enthusiasts’ haven of St. George, Utah http://www.utah.com/stgeorge/.

Kolob Ranch Properties are located in unincorporated Washington County.

We have several different areas of interest:

  • Kolob Ranch’s 5-acre residential lots located off of Exit 40 in phases 7 A & B and;
  • Kolob Ranch Estates available (25) 5-acre residential lots located off of Exit 36 in phase 6C.

We also have approximately 25 acres of commercial property – on the West Side of Exit 40 in Kolob Ranch; an ideal area for an organic market, restaurant and/or retail (we’re hoping to attract a chocolatier to achieve balance with the vegetables & fruits) . With over 5 million passenger cars passing each year, there’s bound to be some hungry tourists in search of great food and supplies. The East Side of Exit 40 flows right into the Kolob National Park entrance. Contact us if you’re interested, perhaps you aren’t retiring after all

Residential parcels are 5-acres each with underground utilities, paved roads, and an acre foot of water. It just doesn’t get better than this; perfect range from 3 National Park Wonders, add a plus one; a ski resort http://brianhead.com.  And, not to mention all the benefits of the Cedar City Airport,  - http://www.cedarcity.org/index.aspx?nid=76 . Count it, 1 traffic light and 20 minutes drive between you and home (or vacation/restoration). And you have sophisticated commerce and reality only 20 minutes away in either direction North or South on I-15.

Every piece of land has its own unique contours & topography - We’re featuring our 25 lots in 6C this Summer. Rugged and rocky, dramatic and lush, each building lot is filled with the ancient Spanish feeling of black rock, dark green junipers and pinions ~ we are right on the Spanish Trail, after all. There are outcroppings of lava rock pocketed with lichen. Due to its altitude in the Pine Valley Mountain Range, temperatures are typically 15 degrees cooler than the surrounding cities of Cedar and St. George. Four seasons – each livable and enjoyable. In any season, in any weather, this is a spectacular, wild, secluded ~ yet sophisticated and tamed place with all the amenities you could ever need.

“There’s not a bad lot in the area” said a highly sought after land designer from the St. George area.

Currently, we’re working with premier, award winning, custom home builders and architects to achieve the ultimate in luxury-outdoor mountain living, while retaining that feeling of rugged elegance and privacy. CC&Rs for custom homes start at 3,000 square foot minimum – we have recently updated the CC&Rs for 6C, please contact us and we’ll send you all the information you need.

“Living full time in my beautiful home here has been the perfect blend of getting off the grid and plugging in; I still work, just on my own terms, in an atmosphere that inspires me and one that I’m proud to have achieved in my life.”a satisfied resident.

Make arrangements to visit us soon. We have a beautiful Model Home open and available to tour off of Exit 36, I-15. It’s vantage point from which, you will truly appreciate the incredible views and exquisite serenity of this place.

Contact us at 435 233 8773 or by e-mail at info@kolobranch.com
to schedule an appointment for a tour or just share a friendly chat about our exciting projects.


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