Based on the average cost of living in the USA, the Kolob Ranch area costs only 79% of the national average for heating, cooling, electricity and natural gas. Electric power, natural gas, and telephone lines are underground and are stubbed to each lot.

Kolob Ranch lots are serviced by Mountain Springs Water Company, a mutual water company. The water is excellent quality and is in plentiful supply. One share of stock in the water company is delivered with title to each lot at closing. This represents one acre-foot of water.

Kolob Ranch Estates is within Washington County, which maintains the primary roads and provides other services, including public safety. The local Fire District is located at the north end of the Kolob Ranch Estates development.


All parcels connect to paved roads. Utilities are stubbed to the edge of every property, and one acre-foot of water is included with each lot. Every lot has a view of Kolob Mountain, and each owner has access to the common areas in the development.